The new MSN UK homepage – a week on

Dear Readers
The new MSN UK homepage has now been live for a week and released to all our readers.
We designed the page to be faster, easier to navigate, more legible, better connected to your social networks, give you more video, and more news.
If you want to know more we have a video tour here:
The speed to download is now faster than the old page and ahead of major competitors. We’ll continue working on it to ensure the news, pictures, video and important areas like Hotmail and weather download as fast as possible, making the page even more useful.
We’ve added more news higher on the page with more headlines for breaking News, more headlines for World News and a new Odd News column for those quirky stories we all love to read and share.
Video is proving very popular and your use of the homepage to get to the MSN Video Player service with its free-on demand TV shows has risen sharply. Thanks and we hope you are finding that entertaining.
I recognise that many readers have found the change jolting and the early performance problems irritating. I apologise again for that.
On some specific issues:
– Hotmail: The inbox is bigger but has set to "hide" your emails not "show" them as the old page did. We are looking to change that soon based on your feedback.
– Stocks quotes: The FTSE and stocks module will come back soon and we had a late problem which meant it did not make launch. We regret that.
– Weather: Details of the weather to be expected rather than the day will be restored when you "mouse over" the symbols. Thanks to you for spotting that error.
– White space: We have increased white space and reduced visual crowding on the page but are doing some work to reduce some of the excess to highlight content
I do hope you are finding the page more familiar and that it is doing what you need it to do and giving you more pictures, more stories and more video.
I welcome your feedback on this blog or on email to me and my team:
Peter Bale, MSN UK
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10 Responses to The new MSN UK homepage – a week on

  1. Adrian says:

    Less content than before. Also, why does Microsoft Hearts cheatso you can\’t win?

  2. Tricia says:

    Please revert to the old Homepage. This one is too tedious to navigate and full of cheap rubbish.

  3. Hilary says:

    Rubbish is right. I wouldn\’t mind if I could chose which items are at the top of the page – then I could hide what I\’m not interested in at the bottom of the page and never bother scrolling down to view it. If only it was possible to arrange the items, as it is on Google, which is far classier with far more apps to choose from. Nothing I\’ve seen makes me regret my decision to make Google my homepage, and when I access my Hotmail it\’s via the My MSN page, so ghastly do I find this one.

  4. Hilary says:

    On a positive note, I\’m glad to see a few more themes have been added to Hotmail; I\’d love to see more though. I\’m very fond of my MSN Hotmail, and it\’s still my primary account.

  5. julie says:

    I do not like the new MSN Homepage – looks cheap & tacky and I have not been inspired to scroll down the page since it was changed. Please bring the old one back.

  6. Bill says:

    Policing of SPAM leaves a lot to be desired. I saw the above, from store air on my home page three times and now notice it is here in the previous post.I also find spam regularly turning up on my blog posts and in my inbox, and have turned off comments so get no feedback.

  7. Unknown says:

    The General Discussion page was a cesspit after moderation was dropped and a huge number of foul-mouthed, abusive Americans came over fromt hecloses MSNBC site. The site is full of trolls, harassers, stalkers, abusers, posters of threats and obscene images plus filthy language. None of th ereporting buttone evokes any repsose; when I managed to contact P Bale I was told to report every example of bad practice so i did and was promptly banned! So much for MSN\’s promises. I

  8. Paddy says:

    I don\’t like the new MSN homepage its to much in your face, if I need to know something I look up the internet and I am not interested in what the editor considers to be news.Also I don\’t like bing its\’ rubbish after Google, I thnk the whole thing has gone backwards not forwards a big mistake.Please revert to the old homepage and Google

  9. Jane says:

    JaneI suppose I may get used to it or maybe not look at it at all.I agree with PaddyHolder……too much in your face.And as another has said…cheap and tacky!

  10. patrick says:

    it seems like your a law untill yourselves

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