MSN publishes Code of Conduct

Dear Readers
Today we’re publishing an MSN Code of Conduct, our statement of what you can expect from MSN and our content.
The Code has been prepared by MSN editors from around the world with significant input from those responsible for the UK site. It is a public statement from Microsoft’s online publishing service of the principles under which we try to operate to bring you entertaining, informative and responsible information.
The six-point code covers our obligation to source material from our own journalists and our suppliers and present it clearly and transparently, to take your feedback, and to protect your privacy and personal data.
I regard the Code as a small public step to show that MSN is more than the UK’s most popular portal. We have grown the journalistic and publishing team on MSN UK dramatically in recent years, creating not just a compelling homepage but deep "channels" covering Cars, Life & Style, Money, Tech & Gadgets, Him, Movies, Music, TV and Celebrity and News. The Code shows what you can expect from us and we want you to hold us to it.
I attach the code below and it is also available online in our Feedback & Contact MSN section:
We welcome your comments on this or any other aspect of the site on the Comment area of this blog or emailed to:
May I also remind you of a Code of Conduct for readers which explains policies we expect users to abide by when engaging with the MSN site, for example when commenting on stories or message boards:
Regards, Peter Bale, MSN UK
The MSN Code of Conduct
1. Commitment to Truth:
MSN will ensure editorial content upholds the journalistic commitment to truth, accuracy, fairness and freedom from bias, offering users balanced content. Opinion will be clearly labeled and differentiated from factual content. MSN will respect users from all backgrounds and perspectives.

2. Commitment to Transparency:
MSN users can expect transparency and openness in editorial and business practices, the best identification of information sources in stories possible and explicit identification of advertising-supported content. MSN will clearly identify the creators and sources of its published content. MSN is accountable and will always try to flag and correct factual mistakes quickly.

3. Commitment to Integrity:
MSN, and all staff, will operate with professional publishing integrity, respecting users and offering fair coverage. It will disclose gifts or privileges from sources, partners or others who might seek to gain influence over editorial output. In the many countries where it operates it will try to respect local sensitivities, laws and cultures.

4. Commitment to Independence:
While MSN is owned by Microsoft, its portals, content and commercial policies will represent independent judgment. It will resist undue political or commercial pressures, internal or external and offer a forum for free debate.

5. Commitment to Privacy:
MSN will protect user privacy and personal data.

6. Commitment to quality:
MSN listens to its users who can expect a dedication to the highest quality in content services and advertising. It will use reliable, effective and innovative technologies to deliver compelling experiences and will respond to feedback.


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11 Responses to MSN publishes Code of Conduct

  1. Unknown says:

    My problem with the MSN site is that there seems to be little or no policing of the comments made by members of the public, some of them are just not acceptable and the people doing them seem to be the same ones all the time.

  2. Homepage says:

    Thanks. You\’re both right and we are taking steps on both issues. I hope you will see more evidence of improvements in thatarea and that you will both — along with other readers — be active please in using the "Report Abuse" notice on comment andboard pages. This is vital and does have an impact. Please let me know if you see any serious shortcomings on this. – Peter Bale, MSN

  3. kevin j says:

    MSN remains the best site in terms of clear navigation, clear and high quality content and diverse media platforms including Video (short and long form). Special credit to the homepage (Clear and concise), plus the life & style channel and Horoscope channel. Whilst AOL and Yahoo seem to be going down the 120 subjects on their main nav, MSN remains the best portal in the UK.

  4. kevin j says:

    In terms of the 2 previous comments, i have used the "report abuse" option and the response and action from MSN was almost instant. Whilst user engagement and real time feedback is essential for open and transparent web experience you always have a very small number who wish to abuse this "free speech" option. In respect of advertising, its just a requirement to create revenues offset against the operating costs – We don\’t want MSN to go down the "pay wall" option do we..?? YIKES

  5. steve says:

    Thank you MSN for adhering to your commitment to Truth,Transparency,Independence and Integrity privacy and Quality and also Freedom of Speech, we may not like what someone has to say but we cannot deny them this right.

  6. Bill says:

    Policing of SPAM leaves a lot to be desired. I saw the above, from store air on my home page three times and now notice it is here in the previous post.I also find spam regularly turning up on my blog posts and in my inbox, and have turned off comments so get no feedback.

  7. Unknown says:

    "MSN listens to its users who can expect a dedication to the highest quality in content"Several writers could do with a reminder of this commitment: many of their articles recently have contained glaring factual errors and obvious lack or misuse of research.

  8. Laurence says:

    Sorry, I don\’t like it. It\’s downmarket, it\’s superficial. Today (20/7/10) it\’s just pretty faces and pretty bodies, with some news buried in there somewhere. The US MSN is much more relaxed and doesn\’t seem to be goingfor a cross between a tabloid and a gossip mag. Also the comments need to be policed. The BNP exploit it.

  9. Thomas Arthur says:

    you asked people to tell you what they think of this new msn well it good it easy to use you can see most at a glance ..what next..

  10. patrick says:

    patrick barry you asked for people to tell you what they think and when i post my comment you blok it

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