Friday’s best of the web

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Fake a wish

Friday’s ‘best of the web’
Never buy a ‘comfort wipe’ as an anniversary present
The kosher version of Google
Online journalism a few years ago vs today
Fake a wish – the celeb fake news generator
This week on MSN Video
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How the web and print covered Michael Jackson’s death

Guest post by Matt Ball, MSN UK editor-in-chief (follow on twitter @thisismattball)

This post is about media coverage of Michael Jackson’s death.

I’ve compiled an album that shows:

1. Screenshots of mainstream English language websites I took early this morning – all between 1:30am and 2:30am London time, which was about two to three hours after confirmation of Michael Jackson’s death came through. I picked various broadcaster sites, newspaper sites and portal sites to give a flavour of the coverage styles that were used in the hours shortly after the story broke.

2. Photos of the front page of London editions of national newspapers. In some cases we were able to find early editions that did not have the story and later editions that did. While we were working on our own coverage on MSN UK overnight one of my colleagues commented: “Thank your lucky stars you’re not repaginating dozens of pages of a newspaper right now.” Too right (I left print media eight years ago), though I think the papers did very well to turn around their coverage so quickly. The contrast between the early and later editions is stark and impressive.

Take a look at the album:



I’ve picked out a few websites and newspaper editions below and I’ve also added some additional screenshots of our own coverage but I do think it’s worth perusing the full album.



CNN went for striking and simple:

MSNBC used a slideshow of Jackson images: used what we call a ‘blowout’ on its front page (a wider promotion than is normally used in that slot on the page focusing all the links on one story):

Sky News had a similar set up:

The Sydney Morning Herald was in the minority in its choice of headline:


Here at MSN UK we led with this image and suite of links at that time:

Later in the morning we switched a different image and headline and used the additional links under the image for our other content:

And now our photo editor Ant Bennison has come up with this one (photo fans might like Ant’s blog)

And our full coverage page in MSN Music now looks like this:


London editions of national newspapers

The Guardian before and after:

The Telegraph before and after:


Related links:

Michael Jackson full coverage page on MSN Music

Michael Jackson: a life in pictures

Tributes thread on MSN UK message boards

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The enormity of the situation

Friday’s ‘best of the web’
They are very small ducks
Total Eclipse of the Heart (literal version)
What they want you to see vs what you are really looking at
Why your cat shouldn’t play around with a bee
It’s time to play whack-a-kitty!
This week on MSN Video
Boris Johnson falls in a river
8-foot man discovered
Big Brother 10 begins
Kerry Katona left heartbroken
Katie Price on catwalk after split

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Cassetteboy lays waste to Sir Alan Sugar

Posted by Ben
Friday’s ‘best of the web’

Stick remover


World of goo


The human vaulting machine!


Cassetteboy lays waste to Sir Alan Sugar


The social media search engine


Man vs Windmill


What you wrote, what you meant, what you actually did


Squirrel acrobatics


Please remove those purple rhinos from your lawn


12 people you don’t want to meet on Facebook–160


Hamster can’t eat pencil


Inspirational messages…from a wolf



This week on MSN Video


May the Force be with UKIP

Darth Vader actor David Prowse backs UKIP in the forthcoming European Elections


Drifting in China gets drivers revved up

Enthusiasts are spending thousands on the hobby despite the credit crunch


Microsoft launches Bing

Take a tour around the US version of Microsoft’s new search engine


BGT finalist interview: Shaheen Jafargholi

12-year-old singing sensation talks about this weekend’s final


Bear Grylls eats snake

Bear uses a Dakotan fire-pit to cook an odd meal


More Beckham babies?

David wants a baby girl to keep his three lads company


Peter Andre back in the spotlight

Singer Peter Andre appears on stage with a group of male strippers

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Top Twitter tools

Posted by Paul


Twitter, in case you haven’t already discovered, is somewhat similar to instant messaging. It lets users send free text messages known as "tweets" explaining what they are doing, seeing or thinking. These tweets are delivered instantly to their followers.

Sign up to Twitter | Follow the MSN Hompage has highlighted its top Twitter tools:

TweetDeck aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e. Twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.
Twhirl is similar to TweetDeck, except it lets you access multiple Twitter accounts directly through the software. lets you broadcast your tweets to social networking sites such as Windows Live, Facebook and MySpace.
Tweetburner allows you to shorten, send out and track links sent via Twitter.
GroupTweet is ideal for when you want to a tweet a certain group of your followers, friends or family.
Twitter Timer simply sends you reminders through Twitter.
Tweetbeep alerts you whenever someone mentions any keyword you want to follow.
Qwitter lets you know who has ceased following you and which tweet prompted them to do so.
TweetLater allows you to schedule your tweets for a later date/time.

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Follow the MSN homepage on Twitter

Posted by Paul

The MSN Homepage has signed up to Twitter. You can follow us by visiting

If you do not have a Twitter account, you can create one quickly and easily by visiting

We will aim to break the news to you first and then tweet updates as a story develops.

Additionally, we’ll direct your attention to exclusives and our most clicked on features.

So if you’ve signed up to the latest micro-blogging phenomenon, or plan to do so, we can keep you updated regularly with the best stories and our most compelling content.

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